Helping Non-Profits Make Change In Southern Florida

"Make Change! Trust believes that by providing funds and resources to our charity partners we are effectively addressing some of the fundamental issues necessary to create sustainable social advancement for those in need."

Mike Mann

Our Mission

To Enhance the Sustainability of the Non-Profit Community Through Social Enterprise

Who Are We?

Make Change! Trust is a donor-advised fund established by Mike Mann, a successful internet entrepreneur and philanthropist devoted to not just improving the world through giving but giving in a way that fortifies the foundations of the nonprofit community as a whole. MC!T makes donations to nonprofit organizations with the purpose of helping them to become less dependent on future grant funding by establishing or expanding their earned income / social enterprise efforts.

Our Progress

MC!T has millions in committed capital and growing. Over the last year, MC!T has donated hundreds of thousands to sustainability-focused nonprofit programs, and directly to nonprofits fighting disease, homelessness, poverty, and supporting other humanitarian causes.

Our Goal

Make Change! Trust is committed to assisting non-profits who are appropriately pursuing long-term sustainability, implementing innovative programming, and growing online and offline donor bases.

Our Process

MC!T primarily makes grants on an invitation-only basis and periodically supports new grantees that submit innovative funding proposals through our application process. We invest in best-of-breed charitable organizations meeting the following criteria.

Criteria for Grant Consideration:

  • A focus on organizations serving under-served populations in the areas of education, environmentalism, humanitarian relief, fighting disease, homeless issues, crime, political freedom, government reform, consumer protection, youth issues, addiction, or other like-minded, non-legislative causes;
  • A strong management team with leaders from the nonprofit and/or business sector;
  • At least two years of successful operating history;
  • On track to have earned income account for at least twenty percent (20%) of total revenues;
  • A five-year strategic plan that brings benefit to at least five times the number of beneficiaries being served today; and
  • Efficient management systems with clean financial statements and clear measures of impact on target communities.