In 2006 Make Change! Trust was founded to change the world by providing grants to 501c3 nonprofit organizations who serve needy populations in our focus areas.

Make Change! Trust was started by internet entrepreneurs and philanthropists devoted to using technology to make a substantial difference in the world. With millions in committed capital, Make Change! Trust has given several millions so far to organizations fighting disease, poverty, homelessness, addiction, illiteracy and countless like-minded causes.

Our trustees will review all the applications. Review periods are in January and July.

Make Change! Trust welcomes any submissions of videos or articles related to projects that request funding.

Make Change! Trust continues to improve as the needs of nonprofits and the world evolve. The need for relief from hunger, disease, poverty, addiction, illiteracy and crime may never fully go away, but it is our belief that we can make a change if we do our part.