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Make Change! Trust specializes in issuing nonprofit grants. Our simple process and guidelines make it easy to apply for a grant today ».

If you have more questions after reviewing our frequently asked questions and mutual expectations, please contact us.

Grant Application Process

  1. Become a member of Grassroots.org – Membership is free and offers nonprofits technology, services and support at no cost. Sign up today »
  2. Comply with all guidelines »
  3. Submit your grant application online or by mail
    1. If submitting online
      1. Complete the grant application cover sheet » 
      2. Attach all required documents listed below
      3. Submit entire application through the grant submission form »
    2. If mailing
      1. Complete the grant application cover sheet » 
      2. Attach all required documents listed below
        1. Use single-sided white 8/2 X 11 inch paper
        2. No binding or staples, clips are acceptable
        3. No additional copies required
        4. No cover letters, business cards, videos, CDs
      3. Mail application to:
        Make Change! Trust
        9067 S. 1300 W. Ste. 302
        West Jordan, UT 84088

      Note: application materials will not be returned

    3. Await approval from Make Change! Trust in January or July
        1. If your organization is approved for a grant, the trustees will notify you and mail you a check
        2. If your organization is declined by the trustees, you will still receive notification

      Note: Checks are issued by the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region (CFNCR)

    4. If awarded a grant, download and submit a follow-up report 13 months after receiving your grant 

Required Documents

  1. Proposal Narrative – Maximum five single-spaced pages. Minimum 12-point font and 1-inch margins. Use these headings:
    1. Organization: Describe the organization, including mission and history, year established, geographic reach, staff size, and staff capabilities to conduct the proposed work
    2. Problem or opportunity: Describe the problem or opportunity to be addressed by the project. Describe the population that will benefit from the project, including an estimate of size or numbers.
    3. Activities: Describe the activities to be performed, and the services or products to be delivered, including quantities and a timeline. If the project is a partnership, describe each partner’s role. Explain why you chose this approach to the problem or opportunity.
    4. Expected results: Explain how participants or the community will benefit. (Provide specific, measurable expected results.) Describe the plan to determine the effectiveness of the project.
    5. Funding plan: Explain the project budget, including adjustments to be made if not all anticipated funding is received. Describe the plan, if any, to continue funding the project after the grant period ends.
  2. Project budget showing:
    1. Anticipated income (source, amount restrictions, and whether secured or pending)
    2. Anticipated expenses (overall expenses and expenses for which Make Change! Trust grant will be used)
  3. Board of directors list
  4. IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter (not required if applying through a fiscal sponsor)
  5. Financial statements
    1. Annual operating budget for the current year
    2. Balance sheet for the most recently completed fiscal year
    3. Income statement (or profit/loss statement) for the most recently completed fiscal year
    4. Local units of national organizations must submit local unit financial information
    5. Audited financial statements are preferred but not required

CHANGE starts with a GRANT