Grants for Nonprofit Organizations

Receiving funding, in the way of grants, is the lifeblood of all nonprofits. Make Change! Trust offers grants for nonprofits and understands the effort that it takes to run a nonprofit organization. We also know how time consuming applying for grants can be. Therefore, we have made the application process as simple as possible for your nonprofit. Grants have never been easier to apply for. We believe that by having a minimal number of guidelines, more organizations will apply for a grant and receive the aid they need.

Our grant applications are completed online and submitted through our website. For those who are interested in applying in the traditional manner, applications are also accepted by mail. Please use our new mailing address. Review periods will take place twice a year,* once in January and again in July. There is no minimum or maximum limit to the funds that can be requested.

If interested in applying for a grant please review the site to understand our process, guidelines, application procedure and expectations. Adhering to these will give you your best chance to be awarded a grant. Our trustees and volunteers want every nonprofit to know that each application is taken seriously and is given a thorough review.



*Make Change! Trust reserves the right to review grants at any time.