Make Change! Trust provides funding for nonprofit organizations to propel their cause and further their mission. Make Change! Trust was founded by entrepreneurs and philanthropists who committed millions of dollars in capital. That amount grows every year thanks to the support of private organizations and foundations. Funds are distributed to help worthy causes in our community, such as, education, disease prevention, homelessness, addiction and several like minded causes.

Grants applications are taken year round and funds are distributed twice annually. There is no limit to the amount that can be requested, although Make Change! Trust reserves the right to award a grant in any denomination. Make Change! Trust has several grantees that have received multiple grants. If your organization is in need of a grant on a continual basis, please note this on your application. For those not awarded a grant, we encourage you to reapply.

Make Change! Trust believes that nonprofits require more than money to run their operations. That is why we have partnered with, an organization that provides nonprofit resources at no cost. We require that every organization who submits a grant application begins by signing up to be a member of Nearly every nonprofit organization can benefit from the free tools, community forums and volunteers made available through Because Make Change! Trust is just one of the nonprofit funding sources available to you, we hope to make your experience a fantastic one that you will share and recommend to others.