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Make Change! Trust is a charitable fund that awards grants to technology-focused nonprofit organizations to help ensure their success and ability to do good. Make Change! Trust was founded by both entrepreneurs and philanthropists dedicated to supporting the need to make a substantial difference in the world. More than half a million dollars has already been donated by Make Change! Trust to help maintain charitable works and humanitarian causes.

Make Change! Trust recognizes and rewards nonprofits that leverage technology, uphold best practices, and grow the community. Money given goes directly to nonprofits in order to effectively address those that are in need. Make Change! Trust is an opportunity designed to help cultivate social advancement. Make Change! Trust encourages and accepts generous donations from other organizations who want a hand in improving the quality of life. Please contact us if interested in contributing.

We rely on our outstanding trustees to direct our strategies and efforts. It is time to put an end to talking about the need for change and become a part of the solution.

CHANGE starts with a GRANT